Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find simple answers to your storage questions below! And if you like more information, we are just a text away!

Can I access the storage facilities?

Unfortunately no, as this is not a self storage facility and you would not be able to freely access your items.

Can I deliver and pickup the items by myself?

Unfortunately no, we provide a one-stop solution moving and storage service where by our professional movers will handle the logistical aspects of collection/delivery and storage.

Are there additional charges if my address is not accessible by lift?

Yes, additional charges applies for stairs carry and long pushing. Additional cost of stairs carry is calculated by number of boxes X floor level X $2. For example, you have 5 boxes and live on level 3, the additional cost will be 5 boxes X 3 level X $2 = $30.

Where is your storage facilities located?

We have multiple storage facilities across Singapore. Depending on your pickup location, we will determine which is the most convenient storage facility to store your items.

How secured are your storage facilities?

All our storage facilities are equip with digital camera 24/7 and a security guard in the building. Facilities are well lit with workers on site during office hours. The doors are also secured with alarm system in case of break in.

What items can I store with you?

From boxes to small furniture, we accept a wide range of items. For things that can’t be store, the general rule is that anything that is illegal, flammable or combustible and items that will rot.

Can be store
– Furnitures
– Electronics
– Clothes
– Books

Can’t be store
– Food
– Contraband items such as e-cigarettes
– Drugs
– Flammable or combustible items such as gas, petrol and car batteries

Do you provide partial retrieval of items?

Yes, we do! As long as you label your boxes accurately, we are able to retrieve your items when needed. There will be a delivery cost of minimal $35 ($7 x 5 boxes) for every partial retrieval.

Do you charge monthly or pro-rated by number of days?

Our storage cost are charge on a monthly basis as per industry standards. In the event of unforeseen circumstance where you have to storage for an additional day or two, we will be able to accommodate by pro-rating the additional day/s.

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